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"This is absolutely game-changing. I have tried different methods of shaving my body hair for years, with varying degrees of success and usually a ton of headaches. Razors don't reach, trimmers cut your skin and don't reach, girlfriend shouldn't have to do it, it was all a total pain, literally and figuratively. This reached every spot on my back, and it looks as good as if I used a regular razor. I even used it to shave the hair on my triceps with no problem."

- Grant S. - Texas, USA

Stop struggling to shave your back!

The Body Hair Razor is a unique shaving instrument that allows you to shave your back quickly and easily. The superior quality, stainless steel blade allows for clean precision trimming and shaping of your body hair.

Shaving unwanted areas has never been easier!

✅ Shave your back like a pro

✅ Get rid of unsightly back hair

✅ Makes shaving your back simple and stress-free

✅ No more back stubble to find when you least expect it

✅ Your back will thank you. You will no longer have to deal with ingrown hairs

Does the Body Hair Razor actually work?

A durable polycarbonate razor is ergonomically designed for comfortable back shaving, while the removable extension handle makes it easy to reach even the hardest to reach areas.

This razor features six blades and a pivoting head for fast, close shaves. And with its additional grooming accessories, you can continue your shave from your bathroom right into your shower.

Feel the confidence of a Spartan warrior!

Let your back breathe... finally! With the Body Hair Razor, you can shave your own back in comfort and style! This easy-to-use shaver has a simple blade design that lets you reach even the trickiest-to-reach places, and it will fit all your grooming needs.

Why choose Spartan Beards?

Safe & effective - Our patented angle gives you free rein for your back without cutting yourself and our ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold onto, even when wet. 

No razor burn - Quickly and safely remove unwanted hair from your back without razor burns or painful waxing.

Convenient - You can now trim or remove unsightly hair and do it right at home.

Six blades - The pivoting head and six blades ensure a smooth shave without leaving any hairs behind.

Will it work on sensitive skin?

This razor will give you the most comfortable shave you've ever experienced. It features a patent-pending, pivoting head that follows the natural curvature of your body for a close shave with minimal effort and less irritation.

The durable stainless steel blades allow you to shave safely and gently without the worry of rust or corrosion. Our unique comfort strip is designed to reduce irritation and provide extra glide for a closer shave.

What do you get?

What's included:

  • 1x Body Hair Razor

+ FREE gift today only!

Receive 3 extra razor blades for FREE when you order within the next 24 hours!

How to use it?

For the best results, we recommend using the Body Hair Razor in the shower. Shaving cream isn't required.

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